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With traffic quieter and parks and beaches closed, the neighborhood's streets have become havens for bored and anxious people. In the leafy Sherman Oaks neighborhood, it offers something you need to extend the week, a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city's busy summer months.

Tens of thousands have already been inspired by it and it is expected to grow exponentially over time as the shelter's mission. Accompanying the exhibition in real time, we will produce weekly YouTube videos highlighting the work of the artists and other local artists. The full colour 8 '5x11' issue is to be released in two parts, with the final selection for the first year in December 2020. This publication will include works from the online exhibition, artist interviews and will be published in February 2021.

Dab Art Co. has committed to finishing the art documentation and to hold a special show in March, when the gallery's exhibition is shown. Once the entries for the exhibition have been accepted, we will notify you as soon as it opens.

All entries will be considered via the museum's online submission form, which requires uploading a digital image for verification. We would like to display all acceptable entries, but depending on the number of replies, not all entries are guaranteed to be displayed.

Please submit your contributions early and often and share the call with your friends and family, as we invite you to create a place and share your # contributions. You are invited to share your creation with us at Art Time Corona, where you will also see the work of local artists and artists from all over the state of California and around the world. We will showcase and exhibit the best of the Corona California Art Museum's online submission form, and will showcase a selection of artworks from the museum's collection of more than 100,000 works.

The 10 artists featured will be selected by the director of Dab Art Co., and will receive a bound copy of the exhibition book. The contributions of the community will be submitted and exhibited digitally in this exhibition. Don't worry if you need to leave your accommodation to attend, as we will send you entries in the same format as the artworks of the Corona California Art Museum.

Participants must complete the online form by providing their name, address, telephone number, email address and all other fields indicated in the form. Save the file in one of the following formats: PDF (PDF), HTML (HTML) or CSV (CSV).

To give an example, it is your responsibility to determine the font, color, graphic, and size required to create an illuminated box sign for a newly designed project, such as a sign or triple sign. Once the dieecuts, fonts and identified designs are measured, proportioned and plotted, these areas can be sorted out and masked.

Poor quality begins to peel, curl or fade, resulting in poor representation of the Riverside area shops. Based on the specifications determined in the design, you can choose the best - suitable for your application. Interiors, exterior signage and window treatments are suitable for both interior and exterior signage or window treatment.

For the company and members of their respective communities, we are confident that the resilience of these artists, once the current quarantine mandate is lifted, will form the basis of social unity, and that they will continue to create formative artworks in times of unrest by their respective communities of members. The online exhibition, which runs until March 2023, will continue the hope that these artists will continue to create influential works of art in this time of conflict. Our partner platform ARTSY has over 2.2 million unique visitors, which means that Dab Art Co., which is represented in the exhibition of the artists, is well positioned for optimum visibility of the collectors. Online visitors and collectors will be able to see not only brand new artworks that maximize the audience and keep the exhibition fresh, but also the artist's works.

If you would like to learn more about Corona California Art or any of the galleries exhibiting, please call Trixy Betsworth at (888) 662-5555 or email her at trixy @

Artists selected for interviews will be given time to prepare for a recorded online discussion with the curator. The artists are assigned a gallery coordinator who works closely with them in the elaboration of the details of the exhibition and provides them with a copy of their artworks for the exhibition. If you notice this, please send your request for an interview to Trixy Betsworth at trixy @

The gallery is located on the second floor of the library and has a space for the open-air galleries, a small café and a large exhibition area. The Library Gallery allows local artists to present their artworks in the best possible way, and the space is made available to artists free of charge.

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More About Corona