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Accor has announced a new concept for "Hotel Office," which offers a high-quality remote working experience by renting out its premises as day offices. Amsterdam-based hotel co - working offers an office away from home office by doubling as a private workplace. New York's NoMo SoHo Hotel has opened YourPlace Nomo in Soho, offering rooms for the day - which are used as private workplaces.

Ayre Gran Hotel Colon is one of dozens of hotels in Europe that have now been redesigned to combat the pandemic. Earlier this year, guests enjoyed newly renovated rooms with glass windows and a full service restaurant. However, last week the hotel's two towers were turned into a medical facility to treat patients with mild cases of coronavirus.

OYO Hotels & Homes announced Tuesday that first responders working on the front line against Covid 19 would be given free rooms. Choice Hotel also announced a new cleaning program that will focus on furniture fixtures to promote cleanliness and comfort for guests and health and safety for staff.

In addition to disinfecting room keys, the company is testing UV light technology and has added hand sanitizer stations and signs in the lobby to remind anyone to stay away. Wyndham will also work with Ecolab to use the disinfectant in guest rooms and public spaces.

By September, all Hyatt hotels are expected to train a hygiene manager to ensure that hotels comply with the new guidelines. In addition to the inspection of hotel rooms with UV and LED lighting systems, these are also maintained according to the new standards of the company. Hyatts also develops a plan to ensure the safety of its employees and guests.

Red Roof asks its staff to be careful when cleaning the rooms, i.e. disinfecting televisions, door handles, light switches and taps. Additional information for hotels may include other changes, such as the use of individual cleaning kits and disinfectant wipes for each guest room. In addition to regular hand disinfection, the company guidelines require that employees be disinfected four times a day.

If a host decides against the cleaning protocol, the rental agreements are extended by 24 hours and the hosts have an online feature that automatically prevents bookings with a gap of less than 72 hours to ensure an additional level of security. A limited - contact check-in / check out process becomes standard and single use of items in each room.

Guests can also use the hotel facilities (subject to availability) and earn points for the Accor Live Limitless program, as well as use the room facilities while working. You get 15 percent off the first check - for at least three days and up to 50 cents per day for four days. The hotel's gym and library can also be used free of charge as part of your hotel membership and with the purchase of a hotel card.

Guests can also choose from a wide range of services, including a full-service restaurant, bar, fitness center, spa and gym, and the Accor Live Limitless program. The private pool, pool bar and private spa are available on request for a limited time only at a rate of $1,000 per night.

The service can be booked as a single or five-day package, and these prices are usually cheaper than the average hotel stay. PS550 per day for one - one - week stay is also available and includes a full English breakfast delivered to your room in the morning, as well as access to a full service gym and fitness center.

Raffles offers its corporate clients the opportunity to use the State Room as a workplace for $208 a day. Teams can also rent a private floor at the hotel, which has a full-service gym and fitness center, as well as access to the spa, at a cost of $15,000 per week. Starting December 30, 2020, K West Hotel & Spa will offer a work-at-home alternative for PS79, which includes a one-day stay in the hotel room, a complimentary breakfast every morning from 8 a.m. to 6 a.m., and a two-day stay at the spa for the same price as the standard hotel stay, including work at home.

The new program will be called Hilton CleanStay and is designed to give guests staying at Hilton hotels, whether they are in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or other countries, the peace of mind they need. Guests are encouraged to follow CDC self-monitoring guidelines and not to travel if they believe they have been exposed. The plan is unique in Chicago in that the hotel will employ a hospitality team at the front desk, kitchen and utility area, although they will have access to city health department employees who will take care of quarantined patients.

Guests can view information via the Vrbo app and website as soon as the host communicates the information to the company, according to a press release. This is to protect employees and guests, the full guidelines can be found here. VRBO, an Expedia Group company, has issued guidelines that inform hotel brands about their guests "health and safety concerns. The report describes basic hotel practices and procedures and outlines what the hotel brand is committed to in terms of safety and security and the importance of self-monitoring.

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