Alert system at UC Davis failed on night of police shooting

Published 01-16-2019

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - The University of California, Davis says an emergency alert system intended to deliver emails and text messages to 70,000 students and staff failed on the night a police officer was shot and killed near campus last week.

The Sacramento Bee reports Wednesday that a pair of alerts went out on Jan. 10 after Davis Police Officer Natalie Corona was shot, but only 20,000 people received them.

UC Davis Chancellor Gary S. May said in a statement "the system failure" was unacceptable and officials will ensure the alerts work in the future.

The system was designed by Rave Mobile Safety, a Massachusetts-based firm. The problem was fixed and a campus-wide alert was sent later that evening.

Rave said in a statement that it takes full responsibility for the system failure.

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